What is the brain effect of consuming psilocybin mushrooms?

According to research, consumption of psilocybin mushrooms will lead to the guts converting into chemicals. This psilocybin chemical normally triggers the brain change and this, in turn, will affect the function of the body. 

Psilocybin mushroom’s importance in cessation of smoking and other addictions. 

Psilocybin mushrooms play a very important role in helping people who have smoking habits and are addicted to other drugs e.g cocaine or heroin putting stop to this unhealthy lifestyle. In the society we are living in, many people have fallen into this vice of drug addiction. They normally face a very big challenge especially when they want to stop this behavior. They are therefore advised to use psilocybin mushrooms. 

Addiction may lead to loose of ability in thinking. People who are addicted to drugs have also retardation in growth.  According to scientific research, if such people can use psilocybin mushrooms will lead to the stopping this vice behavior and will be able to lead a sober life. 

Psilocybin mushroom’s importance in fighting depression. 

As these mushrooms contain psilocybin chemicals, they provide progression both spiritually and culturally. According to scientific research, the psilocybin chemical will interact with serotonin receptors located in the brain section. This interaction helps to produce various effects of consciousness alterations. Through this consciousness; alteration helps in curing depression. 

In conclusion, psilocybin mushrooms have other health benefits that include: 

  1. Helps in creativity and calming down the ego. 
  2. Stimulation of brain cells growth. 
  3. A healthy shift of personality and stimulating openness in a person. 

This kind of mushrooms can therefore be treated as medicine in addition to being used as a dish. However, their effectiveness will also depend on various factors like: 

  1. The species of the mushroom. 
  2. Where it is originated. 
  3. How it is gown. 
  4. It’s harvesting time. 

Psilocybin mushrooms have been considered to have the following general effects: 

  • Experiencing peace of mind after consumption.
  • Heightening of euphoria. 
  • Someone is awakened spiritually. 
  • Emotions changes greatly 
  • Someone may feel that the surrounding is not real. 
  • Yawning. 

These effects vary from one person to another based on the state of mental preparedness and personality. The benefits are always considered more than the side effects and people are advised to use them, especially when relieving depression and cessation of drug use. 

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