Ways you can use to travel with Cannabis

Cannabis is a type of drug that is derived from the cannabis plant and it is mainly used for medical or recreational purposes. The drug is known to treat conditions related to the nerves especially for people who are undergoing chemotherapy. Cannabis, however, is commonly used for recreation all over the world. This drug is legal in some countries including some states in the US and is illegal in many the countries worldwide. In some cases, the use of cannabis as a medical drug is legal while its use as a recreational drug is considered illegal. This article will give guidelines on how you can travel with cannabis on airplanes, a factor that is close to impossible due to tight security. 

Ways you can use to travel with Cannabis  

Cannabis, being an illegal drug in many states and countries, is pretty hard to travel with especially if the means of travel are governed under high security. Being caught while traveling with cannabis can cause severe legal penalties like doing jail time or being highly fined. Therefore, when traveling with marijuana, you should be discrete. There are some easy ways that you can use to travel with cannabis and get through security protocols. Some of these ways include; 

Carrying the doctor’s prescription and also prescription ID for medical cannabis. 

When you are carrying cannabis for medical cases, then it would be a great idea if you carried the prescription ID. This ID will be really helpful if security personnel at the airport discover your cannabis because you will provide them with proof that it is primarily meant for treatment. Many states have legalized the use of medical cannabis which will be to your advantage. It is advisable to also have your doctors’ and also your lawyer’s number just in case the matter gets out of hand. 

Place the cannabis in carry-on bags. 

Although the security in airports is tight, the security officers in charge of checking your luggage are mostly concerned with the bags containing your clothes and other stuff. These are the bags they mostly check and go through which means that your carry-on bag mostly ends up unchecked. Therefore, you can safely carry your cannabis in this bag for it is rarely checked. However, you should avoid carrying large amounts of cannabis because security personnel will surely notice this. Moreover, losing this large amount of cannabis will be a great loss on your side because cannabis is very expensive. 

Do the unexpected or behave normally. 

According to well-sourced information, it has been proved that security scanners usually show cannabis or any other drug as a non-descript blur. Therefore, when you have some cannabis you want to travel with, you can simply place it among some cigarettes and place it where you would normally place a packet of cigarettes. Also, you can use an opaque drug bottle by first placing the cannabis in the bottle, then use cotton wool to cover the cannabis and lastly, place some over-the-counter drugs on top of the cotton as a disguise. 

 These methods of traveling with cannabis are all aimed at doing what is unexpected and also behaving naturally to prevent suspicion. You should also avoid carrying some things like liquids because security officers are mostly looking for some things like bombs and mostly liquid bombs. If you carry some things like liquids, you may end up attracting unnecessary attention which may lead to the police discovering your cannabis accidentally cannabis from GK