Understanding the difference between CBD and THC?

Cannabis, or its more common name, marijuana, is a well-known drug due to its nature to relieve stress and ease pain. Cannabis is a plant that comprises multiple chemicals (cannabinoids), when properly refined, can be transformed into the drug known today. Today we will be focusing on the most common cannabinoids; Cannabidiol (CDB) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Both are marijuana and hemp but have slight differences, although subtle, are to be considered.

Chemical Effect

Despite them both being cannabinoids, CBD and THC have different effects on the human brain when taken. THC interacts with distinct receptors in the brain, giving individuals a sense of high, commonly desired during recreational use. CBD, however, is mainly used in medicinal marijuana and thus has a lower effect than its former.

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Side Effects

When taken in large quantities, CBD vs THC have various side effects that the user might experience. CBD is tolerable when taken in large doses, with minor side effects. They include; appetite changes, fatigue, dizziness, and weight loss. As for THC, it only causes temporary side effects that wear off by the end of the day. They include; memory loss, coordination problems, red eyes, dry mouth, and. increased heart rate. Note that none of these effects are long-lasting or fatal.

Drug Testing

One of the most sort-out questions involving CBD vs THC is their ability to show up on drug tests. Most drug tests are unable to detect CDB, but there are CBD-specific tests. Most standard tests will look for any THC-related chemicals in individuals. Although some hemp products can produce small quantities of THC in addition to CBD, the test might show a positive result.

Point of Origin

Even though both THC vs CBD originate within marijuana, if an individual takes CBD dominant medical marijuana, its source is mainly from a hemp plant, a close relative of marijuana. THC dominant is found within the marijuana plant and can be easily extracted with a simple methodology.


Marijuana is often infamously in multiple countries, this fact, however, is not embraced in various countries. In America, various states have legalized the use of marijuana but only for medical purposes. CBD is legalized in more countries than THC due to its various medical advantages. Thus before purchasing any kind for medicinal or recreational use, always check with their country’s law.


Since both CBD and THC are chemically different, both in their chemical structure and their effects, they each provide different benefits to the human body. CBD helps treat; inflammatory bowel disease, seizures, depression, mental disorders, and migraines. THC, however, treats; glaucoma, muscle spasticity, low appetite, and insomnia.


Most people often think that the only way to use marijuana is by smoking it, which is false. Both CBD and THC have different forms of intake, establishing maximum effectiveness. CBD is available in various forms; gels, supplements, gummies, and oils. THC can come in alternative forms such as smokable products, tinctures, edibles (brownies), and capsules.

In conclusion, both these cannabinoids have different effects and are used in many ways. Depending on what effects are to be attained, knowing the difference is a crucial factor. Although even with their difference, they both have various similarities since there are both categories of cannabis.