Magic mushrooms uses to treat Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

With Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a patient may be open to any suggestions that will help them recover from their past experiences. Some people recommend that people use magic mushrooms to treat PTSD, but understanding the benefits and disadvantages of this move is essential. It’s not wise for someone to start using certain products before researching whether their indulgence will be beneficial over time. If you suffer from this condition or know a friend who does, obtain as much information as possible to avoid regretting your decisions when a lot of damage has already been done. Explained below are some facts you’ll stumble upon in your quest to understand what this recommendation involves. 

It helps with a person’s emotions – this type of mushroom contains psilocybin, which helps ensure that the patient allows themselves to feel whatever it is that resulted from their past. For instance, if an individual has blocked a part of their life from their brain, it will be possible for them to think about it, regardless of how disturbing it is, as doing so will help them deal with their challenges. Without understanding that the past existed, it may be impossible to acknowledge that the future may be different in a positive way. 

Results are almost immediate – one of the reasons behind the recommendation to use magic mushrooms to treat PTSD is that the patient will witness a change fast. Unlike regular anti-depressants, psilocybin makes it possible for the person using these mushrooms to go back to their usual way of living within no time. However, this feature doesn’t mean that it’s right to ingest more than necessary, intending to recover quickly. Doing so will result in unfortunate effects, where the patient may face more problems instead of taking care of their PTSD. 

There is no need to take many doses – again, unlike anti-depressants, an individual doesn’t have to subject themselves to taking the recommended doses daily. One dose can prove effective for a month or no depending on the severity of the patient’s condition. With this feature, someone doesn’t have to feel embarrassed for taking medication now and then. Likely, other people will not even realize that the patient s under medication unless they’re told. Even with this benefit, one should evaluate their progress regarding how the doses benefit their mental health. Without doing this, it will be challenging to determine the right time to seek a second option. 

There is a risk of experiencing some side effects – it’s not wise to self-medicate by using magic mushrooms to treat PTSD. A health professional must be present to advise on the appropriate dosage. Otherwise, there’s a likelihood that the individual under treatment will face symptoms such as severe hallucinations and being paranoid, with zero knowledge on dealing with these effects. By reaching out to knowledgeable people and friends, the patient will have a support system, meaning they’ll not go through this journey alone. 

Seeing that psilocybin has pros and cons, one should determine whether there are willing and ready to bear the risks or not. Otherwise, it will be frustrating if the patient gives up because they cannot handle the side effects explained above.  

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