Many individuals tend to be on the side that cannabis can make a person relax and even dismiss stress. It has been proved to be true but then it does so when used in small amounts.  

Marijuana has ingredients that are very active and are two in number. the two are: 

  1. CBD it is used for therapeutic purposes as it is a non-psychoactive compound. 
  1. THC which makes someone high and hence called psychoactive. 

There are some of the common feedbacks that cannabis users give and they are: 

  • Marijuana makes one to have a calmness sense. 
  • A relaxation feeling will is encountered 
  • Sleep becomes more better when cannabis is used. 

There are some other symptoms that are relieved when cannabis is used. This is from a research that has been done for some years now. They include: 

  • The disorder of panicking is sacked. 
  • Phobias is released 
  • Social anxiety is relieved 
  • Any disruptions that affect sleep due to being anxious are relieved 
  • Someone may be having memories either good or bad that happened some years back. Cannabis has proven that it can remove such flash backs which are called post-traumatic stress disorders. 

From all this, it has come out clearly that marijuana cannot fully treat stress and anxiety but then it can help relieve them. Users also can feel that it only has positive effects not knowing that some of them may be worsening their state. When THC builds up in the body into higher quantities, the rate at which the heart beats will just show you that the anxiety has increased which leads to a lot of thoughts running in the user’s mind. 

Since marijuana just relieves, it cannot be a treatment that can be relied on. Seeking medical attention and a physiotherapist are the best steps one can take if he or she wants to fully get well and do away with anxiety. When you choose cannabis to deal with your stress, you will encounter a lot of costs as you will rely on it in order to kill your stress. Therefore, going to a specialist is the best decision that one should take. 

 Even if marijuana seems to have advantages, it also has its side effects that a user should be ready to face some other time.  

Negative effects of Marijuana 

  • There is an increase in the rate of heartbeats and therefore affecting the heart rate. 
  • There is a lot of excretion in terms of sweating  
  • Many thoughts will race in the mind in a given time which is not normal when sober. 
  • You will be forgetting things very fast and concentration affected greatly. 
  • Your sleep will be affected as you will not feel like sleeping. 
  • You will be less motivated 

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