Everything You Need to Know about Smoking vs Edibles Weed

Weed is marijuana, bhang, or cannabis. Cannabis is its scientific name and is a drug consumed in many ways. Smoking and through edibles are among them. Weed users have a preferred mode of consumption, but whichever model you choose, its desired effects are achieved. So, what is there to know about smoking vs edibles of weed? …coming up in 2 seconds. 

Method of consumption Smoking weed vs edibles weed 

Smoking weed is burning the weed and smoking it meaning, you inhale its smoke which contains active ingredients. It is done through bongs, blunts, pipes, and rolled joints. Edibles weed are mincing the weed to powder or small pieces, and adding it to your food or snacks like in queen cakes, brownies, cookies, and chewable. 

Intake process 

Weed smoke goes through the gas pipe as air though it is contaminated air with weed ingredients. It goes to the lungs, and from there to the bloodstream through airbags. It is carried to the brain through blood pumping by the heart. Edibles weed is a weed in food. The consumption process is chewing and swallow. It drops through the gut to the stomach where it is digested. Metabolism happens in the liver, and absorption by the blood through blood capillaries. It is transported to the brain by the blood where it works its magic. 

Longer Effects 

The effects of smoking are almost instant because it is transported to the brain in a matter of minutes. Effects of Edibles weed take longer to show as the weed takes about 2-3 digestion hours, then metabolism and absorption follow. 

Stronger effects 

As you have imagined, smoked weed has shorter effects but in turn less strong. In the brain, an active weed ingredient called THC causes the high feeling faster but disappears after a short time. On the other hand, Edibles weed has strong effects in comparison to smoking it. Because during digestion, THC is broken to 11-hydroxy a more durable and stronger compound. Upon transportation, to the brain, the effects of this 11-hydroxy are stronger and long-lasting. 

Smoking weed benefits 

Smoking weed lowers your appetite so makes you less obese or lose some pounds 

Increases; creativity, body performance rate and improves lung function. 

Edibles weed benefits 

It is used to treat neurological disorders, digestive, pain, muscle spasticity, and anxiety issues. 

Risks of smoking vs edibles weed 

Though weed smoking is generally not harmful, inhaling its smoke affects health negatively. The effects are similar to those of cigarette smoking. Weed smoke has toxins such as hydrogen cyanide, hydrocarbons, and ammonia associated with bronchitis, brain dysfunction, and lung inflammation. Research on edibles weed is still underway, so it is safer to ingest weed rather than smoke it for now. A risk linked to edibles is wrong consumption by kids or pets since it looks like food. 

In summary, smoking weed vs edibles weed are different from consumption, processes involved, effects, benefits, and risk factors. However, the compounds involved are the same; THC and CBD, and the high feeling is experienced in both. Nonetheless, weed is illegal in some countries, so before use check its legality in your country before consumption. 

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