CBD oil uses and its impacts 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from the Cannabis sativa and specifically from hemp where it is found in high percentage than in Marijuana. CBD oil is now known for its ability to have you sober even after using it. It certainly has some biological effects in the body which are not physically noticeable. It is believed that this biological influence on the body has a lot of benefits. 

CBD oil uses

Anxiety relief

Researchers have shown that CBD oil changes how brain receptors respond to a monoamine neurotransmitter that is linked to mental health called serotonin. During anxiety CBD helps to make you feel normal instead of being anxious by influencing serotonin accordingly. 

Other research done on animals show that CBD can also help reduce anxiety by reducing stress, improving PTSD(post-traumatic stress disorder) symptoms, initiating sleep in case of insomnia and decreasing psychological effects of anxiety such as reducing the rate of heart beat. 


With food and drug administration approving Epidiolex as a drug to be used in the treatment of two types of epilepsy CBD product companies are now eyeing this niche. 

In a study with a group of epileptic individuals CBD helped reduce the number of seizures per month for more than 80 percent by 36.5 percent. 

Side effects of CBD oil uses

Some of the major worries of using new health related discoveries are the side effects to our lives. CBD has not been left out even though it might have been praised by people from all walks of life.  

There are risks involved in the issuance of doses and their purity. From a research conducted on 84 CBD products, more than quarter of the products never contained the amount of CBD oil specified on the packaging. 

In the world, only one CBD product has been approved by the food and drug administration for treatment two types of epilepsy. 

There is also fear that CBD might also interact with some of the medication one is put on such as blood thinners. 


Consequently, it is still not certain the side effects of long term CBD oil uses. It is best advisable to consult a doctor for prescription if you are looking forward to having yourself on CBD products of any kind. Professional advice would be paramount here. 

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