The Effects of Indica vs Sativa Strains


  Indica and sativa are both species of marijuana plant or weed as other people may call. Even though they are part of marijuana, their effects are not common and negative as noticed in marijuana. They do not directly affect the normal functioning of the body, thus one functions normally after intake. They only stimulate some of the nervous system like endocannabinoid system making the user much relaxed and calmer. 

Effects of Indica Vs Sativa Strains 

  Although both have major similarities, they also have some of the qualities that make them different from even marijuana. For example, indica in this case is beneficial in calming and relaxing of the body while sativa is more of an energizer. These are the main differences used to distinguish between the two strains. 

   Differentiating mainly begins with the physical components first before heading to the effects observation. To easy distinguish the kind of marijuana plant grown, leaves, their height branching system are determined. Indica are short and have darkened leaves whereas its plant becomes more bushy than corresponding sativa. Indica grow quicker than the sativa strains. Sativa is a slim plant with skinny light green leaves which are generally tall. 

    Indica is a species of cannabis that has a high CBD content. This is enough to show that it is a powerful pain reliever. As figured out earlier, indica is used for calming and relaxing. This is due to the effect of CBD content in the strain. CBD helps to relieve one from pain. It has thereby been legalized to contain this type of strain in medical associated strains of marijuana as they are beneficial to human health. 

   As Indica has high CBD, Sativa contains high content of THC. Sativa reduces depression and anxiety easily due to action of THC. THC is an energizer which increases the body’s workability and creativity. Involvement in creative activities helps shifts the brain from stress which might build up to cause depression. This has helped patients with anxiety too not forgetting reduces nausea and headaches. 

     Indica also helps relieve one from stress. Enough consumption of cannabis indica is capable of reducing the mental activities. This is what is called the peace of mind that also causes calming. The CBD in indica is responsible for all these. It is also a pain reliever and causes an effect of sedation when taken in right amount. 

     Cannabis sativa is the most commonly used strain due to its power to increase the mental and body activity. Its huge impact is on moods. It improves on moods that generate happiness. It provides extra energy that enhances the mind to be creative and body to perform tasks. It is therefore an important tool used for socializing as it is can increase self confidence.  


In conclusion, it is important to note that not all of the strains can be of positive value for human consumption. It is evident that some researches done prove that some of the statements regarding the strains might be false thereby causing harm to the user muete strain