Marijuana which is also known as cannabis

Marijuana which is also known as cannabis is a drug extracted from the Cannabis plant. It is used for recreational purposes but mainly used for medical purposes. Marijuana is created from dried and shredded leaves, stems, seeds and flowers of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. 

Marijuana is either synthetic or real. Synthetic marijuana is mainly from substances in marijuana which are chemically related and are not found in the cannabis plant while real marijuana is from the pure variety of cannabis. The difference in the production of marijuana depends on the use of the product. This article will compare synthetic marijuana to real marijuana. 


Synthetic marijuana is produced in the labs. The first synthesis was in the 1980s and the synthesis was mainly done for research purposes. The main purpose for the production of synthetic marijuana was to test their potential medicinal use. 

On the other hand, real marijuana is a direct extract of the cannabis plant. Cannabis plant grows naturally and is usually cultivated for either medicinal use or recreational purposes. 


Considering that synthetic marijuana is made from the labs, it has great side effects as compared to real marijuana. Synthetic marijuana which is commonly known as spice is 30 times more likely to bring harm as compared to real/ natural marijuana. 

The risks of using spice include; vomiting, trouble in breathing, retching and loss of consciousness. Natural marijuana also has its risks which include memory loss, loss of concentration, poor time perception, poor coordination and weakness of cognitive ability. Therefore both types of marijuana come with negative risks for users. 

Chemical composition 

Synthetic marijuana can be classified in three groups. The first group is non-classical marijuana whose chemical composition is made up of cyclohexylphenols and other compounds. The second group is the classical marijuana whose structure is related to THC. The third group is aminoalkylindoles which are the majority and can be further categorized to other subclasses. 

The chemical composition of real marijuana mainly constitutes THC and cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a compound that helps to reduce the negative impacts of THC. The main difference in the chemical composition of synthetic and real marijuana is the presence of cannabidiol in real marijuana and its absence in synthetic marijuana. 


Both types of marijuana pose a very high risk of addiction especially when used for a long period of time. Medically people with a history of substance use disorder and mental illness are at a great risk of addiction to marijuana. 

People who are addicted to marijuana tend to spend much of their time getting high and running away from the company of loved ones and friends. They also become victims of poor performance even at work due to the dependency on marijuana. The creativity of users is also highly affected and they therefore lose their productivity. 

Generally synthetic marijuana compared to real marijuana has more adverse effects, though both lead to great damage on the health and social life of the users. It is highly advisable that one should do their best to stay away from using of these compounds buy weed online from