Disastrous effects of using Cannabis by kids

With changes in the lifestyles of most people, a new trend is clipping in slowly; the use and abuse of drugs. A drug is defined as any substance either natural or manufactured which when consumed alters the normal working of the body. One of the most commonly abused drugs is cannabis.

Also knows as weed, marijuana, or pot, cannabis has slowly gained steam in its usage and abused especially among young people. In some nations and states, the use of cannabis has been legalized regardless of the scientifically proven negative effects on the user that it causes.

Most users use it because of its relaxing effects combined with its calming effects. Cannabis is however also used for medical purposes in conditions such as chronic pains. However, its negative results cannot be ignored especially when it’s your kid using it. Kids can access cannabis knowingly or mistakenly eat an edible that has cannabis ingested in it. So, how does cannabis affect kids when they first start to use it?

Effects of cannabis on kids

Effects of cannabis can be classified into short term and long term effects. These effects can be desirable or negative. Let’s keenly look into them under the two classifications.

Short term effects of cannabis on kids

Difficulty in learning –Your kid will start showing signs of struggles in learning and also classwork.  This is coupled and made worse by a declining ability in retaining information available to your kid.

Loss of coordination- This effect can start as soon as the kid has used weed. Before the effect clears up, you realize one is losing coordination in small activities that they had control over prior to using cannabis.


Car Accidents

Uncontrolled sexual behaviors which can cause diseases


Long term effects

Addiction and dependency- Continued use and abuse of any drug will definitely lead addiction. In this phase of using cannabis, a teen will find it hard to do without their regular use or smoking. The way our in this stage is engaging the help of a professional.

Mental illness- Ranging from hallucinations, panic attacks to acute psychosis, continued use of cannabis continually affects the mental health of a kid over time. The effects finally lead to severe illness mentally.

Automobile accidents- Continued use of cannabis affects alertness, coordination, and delayed or wrong judgment of situations. With such effects, it becomes easy to cause accidents.

School dropouts- This is a common result of substance abuse. The desire and the passion to remain focused in life and education to decline.  This is a couple with a poor lifestyle that seems generally confused.

Way of consuming cannabis

An inhalation which is done through smoking and vaporization

Edible forms in baked substances, in beverages, or in candies.