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Lists of Araneae
The Nearctic Spider Database
Jumping Spiders of Canada
Spiders of North America Species List*
Spiders of the Great Lakes*
Spiders of the Arid Southwest*
Spiders of Alabama*
Spiders of Arkansas*
Spiders of California*
Illinois State Museum*
Spiders of Maine*
Spiders of Northwestern Louisiana*
Spiders of Ohio*
Spiders of Washington*
Spiders of Wisconsin*
Four Wildland Parks in NE Alberta
Colin-Cornwall Lakes Area in NE Alberta (PDF)
Caribou Mountains Wildland Provincial Park Alberta(PDF)
A Checklist of Manitoba Spiders*
Overview of Spider Studies in Canada with Checklists*
South Alberta Arachnida Survey*
Spiders of Greenland*
Online Coelotinae* (Xinping Wang)
Spiders of British Columbia*
Spiders of the Midwest* (Emily Tenczar)


Lists of Pseudoscorpiones
Pseudoscorpions of Canada


Lists of Acari
(mites & ticks)
Feather Mites from Birds in Canada
Diversity of Oribatida in Canada*
Global List of Feather Mites, Their Hosts & References*
Heather Proctor


Keys to the Families and Genera of Blood and Tissue Feeding Mites Associated with Albertan Birds*
Wayne Knee & Heather Proctor
Key to the Colorado Solifugid Species (PDF)
Jack Brookhart & Joey Slowik
(Denver Museum of Nature and Science)


Comprehensive Spider Glossary