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Metal roofing is one of the common choices for residential roofing. Some homeowners that have slate, asphalt shingles and clay tiles that require a replacement roof may consider using metal roofing in their house during the replacement or for those building new homes. But what are the advantages of using metal roofing over the other traditional roofing materials and what are the drawbacks?


Durable – most of the metal roofing used in MW roofing of Coquitlam will have warranties of at least 30 years with some of them going up to 50 years. Metal is a lasting material and when properly taken care of the roof can last even longer than that.

Fire resistant – another very important aspect of metal roofing is that it is completely fire resistant which helps to reduce the effect of a fire especially when it emanates from the outside. Most of the metal roofing materials have a class A fire resistant rating meaning they are the most fire-resistant materials.

Ease of installation – metal roofing comes as pieces of shingles or panels that are very easy to install as compared to the other shingles and tiles that take so much time to install.

Heat conduction – metals reflect heat from the sun, and therefore they help to reduce the effect of heat in the house during the hot months. This coupled with a proper design and insulation contractors gives the roof good energy efficiency.

Easy shedding of snow and rain – in places that receive lots of snow and rain, Mountain West Roofing roofing is the best option because the material easily sheds snow and rainwater. This reduces the probability of having water damage on the roof. Accumulation of snow on the roof can even cause the roof to cave in.


Noise – When it rains living in a house with a metal roof can be very uncomfortable, but this is reduced by using the required insulation under the metal roofing to reduce the noise.

Denting – metal roofs will dent whenever something hits on them. This can also happen whenever harsh weather like hails hit the roof. Other roofing materials do not dent as easily.

Marring – if an installation of the metal roofs is not done right, the roofs can become marred during installation. The installation process should be done the top to bottom so that stepping on the roofs is minimized during the installation process.

Care – the paint on the roof might peel, wear and fade over time. The paint will mostly be warranted for at least 30 years, but after that period some repainting will be necessary so that the roof can maintain the aesthetic value and also the energy efficiency properties.